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Our rants have been a feature in our InfoAve Premium newsletter for quite awhile. We don't always "rant". Sometimes we simply pontificate or "muse". These pontifications and musings range from real "rants" to essays about life, family, and the world in which we live. Often they're hard to describe and they're certainly not always related to computers or the Internet. The iGeneration might call them "BLOGS". You can call them what you like! We hope you enjoy reading our "Rants".

And before you write and ask - Yes you may use our stuff - Unless otherwise noted in the Rant, any of the Rants above may be reprinted or posted on other Web sites, in newsletters or in Blogs, providing that our copyright notice is posted along with credit. All we ask is that if you use anything from any of our "Rants" you include the following on your Web pages, newsletters or Blogs wherever you use our stuff: "Copyright ©2005-2009 by Cloudeight Internet - (used with permission) "

Eightball & Thundercloud's RANTS

About Our Meeting Creative Writing 101
WeatherBug® Sea of Scum
Nitrogen-Blue Skies The Politically Correct Internet
Microsoft Bashers Rejoice Defending Goliath
The Spyware Act Who Can You TRUSTe?
King Of The Internet Living a Longer Healthier Life
Spyware Thanksgiving
Pirates Of The Cyber Sea Christmas - Part One
Christmas - Part Two G.O.C.S
I Am Not Fat The Red Helmet Society
See? We Told You So! The Seasons of Life
Oh What A Tangled Web Blind Faith
Hotbar Threatens Cloudeight Sad New World
Easter Education
Thundercloud & Eightball Are Stoopid An Open Letter
Spring Freedom and Other Ramblings
The Price of Free Sticking Our Necks Out (Again)
Hotbar Scalded Lessons From Topeka
Hotbar - The Saga Continues Things We'd Like To Ask Jeeves
Things In Perspective The Future of the Internet
What's Up With Microsoft? The Pharmer In The Dell
Time AOL Censorship
Thank You Card What Have They Done To My Ketchup?
We Wish You Well, Denise Tinkerbelle and Peter Pan
Far From The Madding Crowd Reading 101
Snowflakes Floyd Merkletot
Spy Vs. Spy Honest Adware - Honestly!
Anniversary The Blue Marble Express
The iGeneration Oreos®, Twinkies® and the Bird Flu
Uncle Joe and the Kartoffelpuffer It's Thanksgiving Again
The Old Oak and The Christmas Tree Place Apologies To Charles Dickens
The Greatest Gift of All My Boring Life Part I - New Year's Eve
Echoes Of Winter Good Neighbors
The Greatest Man I Ever Knew Good Friends
February Anachronistic Behemoth (AOL)
A Little Chat Things In The Night
Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum Spamhaus
Ruminations The Easter Bunny Factor
A Killer On The Cob Obituaries (with a side of noodlin')
Sweet Sorrow Uncle Remus Sings Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah
Raincrows The Internet - It's a good thing!
Summer Time A Chat About Spam
I Got A New Dell, Dude! Can You Hear Me Now?
Bungalow Bill Summer's Half Gone
The Zango Tango Beating A Silent Drum
Losing Weight Is Easy My Little Town
My Little Town Part II There's No Money In Heaven
Zango Tango U Farewell To A Friend
Bush, Blair In Cahoots On Hijacker Scam Nitrogen-Blue Skies: Revisited
We Ask Ask: "Why?" Use it or Lose It
With A Single Flake Of Snow BLT- With A Side Of Mayo
In Search Of The Perfect Christmas Tree Part II They Can't Steal My Christmas
The Seven Candles Of Christmas A New Year's Carol
Spam 101 - Thundercloud Teaches A Class I Thought Alaska Was American!
So You Wanna Be A Millionaire Dressing For Success
A Mote Of Dust Eating Broccoli, Eating Crow
Little Miracles A Wakeup Call
It's All About You White Rabbit
The Promises Of Spring Health and Other "Madders"
I Survived And So Did You BLT2 - The Campaign Continues
The Best You Can Hope For Take Your Breath Away
You Can Send Them Home Superficialidocious
Get A Life Tree Hugging: A Common Sense Guide
Killing Time The Painters
A Gift From Maryanne Image Without Honor
Melancholy Midnight Anyway
I Love Spam! Melons On My Mind
Censorship and You Circles
Columbus Day October Rain
Yearning Food For Thought
Microsoft Doesn't Get It Pop-can George
Thoughts On A Rainy Day Pittsburgh
The Magic Of Christmas Winterspring
Now You Know The Rest Of The Story You Say You Want Some Evolution
Thundercloud For President February 2008
The Sanguine Moon Just A Moment
Little Miracles 2008 Bananas
There's No Telling With Hotels.Com Ode To Futility
Penguins Noodles, Banjos and More
Shadows It's Such A Beautiful Day
The Wind Rachel Ray and the Donut Scandal
Dear Spud (or why you can't trust your spelling-checker) The Richest Man in the World
Prescient Day If I Were the President of the USA
A Gift For All Seasons The Old Man and His Dog
Festival Time Reflections on a Late-Summer Day
A Bamboo Bridge The Autumnal Arch
Death Visits Again (A tribute to my sister) Chains We Can Believe In
Windows 7 - The last version of Windows Love Story
The Merkletots Circles and Cycles
The Child Inside Special K
When "Thank You" Isn't Enough Caring For A Dead Turkey
I'm Feeling Scroogy Dedicated To My Favorite Scrooges
Hope & Memories: Wishing for Spring The Snoring Wife and Some Several Dwarfs
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Happy First Day Of Winter
Jelly Donut Trollop New Year's Eve Carol
Bridges To Yesterday Thoughts On The Inauguration
Come To My Anti-Super Bowl Party Mercury, Sweet Mercury
A Really New Deal Down On The Farm
A Storm Brewing In The Cloud On Justice and Faith
If Only My Parents Had Raised Me Right Coolspeak and Vegans
Verbs Pop-can George
Substantially Superficial Thunderstorm
Romance Novel Heroes coming soon

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Yes you may use our stuff - Unless otherwise noted in the Rant, any of the Rants above may be reprinted or posted on other Web sites, in newsletters or in Blogs providing that our copyright notice is posted along with credit. The following must be included if you use anything from any of our "Rants"

" Copyright ©2004-2009 by Cloudeight Internet - (used with permission) "

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