Can You Hear Me Now?  

Dear Sir or Madam,

Your censorship of personal email is an infringement on individual rights
and personal freedoms. Verizon has no business meddling with or censoring
any individuals' email. You are not providing your customers a service with
your censorship. You are infringing their personal rights.

It is not the purview of the ISP to determine what a customer might consider
spam and what a customer might consider 'good' email.

Your response to your customers concerning your current censorship of
personal emails will be the subject of one of our upcoming online articles.
Our articles are always well-researched  and widely read. Many of our
450,000 subscribers as well as our Web site visitors read them weekly.

Since Verizon has been sued at least once ( that we know of ) for censoring
a person's private email, one would have hoped you would have joined with
other, more progressive ISPs like Road Runner and Comcast and gotten out of
the censorship business; and stopped meddling with and censoring your
customers' private email.

It seems a simple premise that email addressed to your customers belongs to
them and not Verizon. Just like regular USPS mail belongs to the addressee
and the not the USPS. However, it seems after reading your response to your
customers you feel that their email belongs to you and it is your job to
censor, block or delete whatever does not qualify or meet your arbitrary
standards (i.e. your so-called "whitelist").

We can only hope you will receive a lot a lot of email when our article is
published and hopefully other publications will reprint our article. We
currently have an article pending in the "Financial Times of London". It
just so happens that this article too deals with illegal actions by ISPs
with regard to "spam filtering" (a form of censorship).

We hope that you will stop censoring, blocking, deleting and/or
interfering with your customers' private email and concentrate your efforts
on providing your customers with the services for which they are paying you:
namely -providing a reliable and fast connection to the Internet and basic email

We hope our forthcoming article will serve as a catalyst to you and other
ISPs to get out of the censorship business and get on with the business of
providing and improving your Internet services and serving your customers.


Cloudeight Internet

(This letter was edited for the Web)

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