You did great! You have avoided the wrath of EB!


You have escaped the wrath of EB an won our praise for not jumping at green download buttons and thereby escaping all sorts of bad things.

This was only a test. Those who clicked the green download buttons on our game page today would have only had to endure the humiliation of doing hundreds of pushups on videos, and the pain and anguish of being insulted and flogged by EB.

You were careful, you took your time, and you thought before you clicked. We are proud of you. If you do this all the time when you're on the Web, you'll be much more likely to avoid malware infections, rogues, ransomware and identity theft.

The people who clicked on the green buttons are having to deal with the wrath of EB right now -- but it's for their own good. They will learn to be careful, slow down, and think before clicking or they'll have something more painful and more expensive than EB to deal with.

Anyway, you passed our test and you won our game.