The Promises Of Spring

Spring did not come upon a warm, soft breeze this year. It came on a dreadful, chilly, rain-soaked wind. A wind that chilled a person to the bones. Spring came on a gray, sullen day and with a chill so it was not unlike the winter days that proceeded it. But still there are promises that come with spring regardless of how spring chooses to arrive.

There's the eternal promise that even in the midst of death there is life. From the stillness of the frozen soil, in the sprouts of those tenacious, early spring flowers we find the promise that death is not the end; indeed it is just the beginning. Life is not something that flickers as a flame and then is snuffed out unceremoniously and inconsequentially - life endures even when death is surrounds it. One of spring's great promises is the promise that life conquers death. Life springs anew even when it appears certain that the things winter killed will never live again.

Flowers grow, the skeletons of trees, stripped bare by relentless winter winds, will soon be covered with buds and blossoms - and then leaves . The trees will be fully dressed for summer: vibrant, alive, and majestic. The days become longer, the sun becomes brighter, and life is being reborn all around us. Life conquers and that life endures. Spring's promise will be fulfilled.

Spring also promises an end to the bitter winds and to the dark, cold, harsh days of winter, When spring arrives, no matter that it might have come in on a cold, damp, surly wind, we take heart that sunny, warm, days lie just ahead. And those spring days filled with the sounds of life in a world reborn make us forget the death and silence that winter brought.

Spring promises love and hope. Young lovers, with passions stirred by the sweet song of spring, fall in love and some will become the fathers and mothers of tomorrow. The promise of those children whose lives lie somewhere in the future will become the hope for us all. They will someday carry our dreams into the future -- and the world will belong to them. We can only hope that the world we leave them will be the best we could make and that our legacy is at least that we have done our best.

Spring promises hope, dreams, and renewal. Each spring brings with it the promise of hope. We all have hopes for ourselves, our family, our friends and our world. Spring helps us hope better. There is something in a soft, warm, spring breeze that touches the soul and renews our hopes.

The deep, blue skies of spring, dotted with those white, fluffy clouds not seen in winter makes an ideal setting to dream of things yet to come. Spring encourages us to aspire to be better; spring days promise renew our dreams, revive our hopes and helps us forget the bleakness and cold of winter.

Each of us know the promises of spring in our own way; and perhaps that is why many of us consider spring our favorite season.

It seems to me that the greatest promise that spring makes to us is that life is eternal. Life endures so death cannot. Life conquers death just as surely as spring conquers winter.

I hope this spring you hear the promises which echo faintly in those first warm spring breezes; winds that blow softly beneath a perfectly painted spring-blue sky.

If you don't hear spring's promises this year, maybe it is because you are not listening.


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