How To Organize Your Windows XP Start Menu Page 7

You've done well, you made to the end of our tutorial.   We can even make the start menu more compact by dragging "Remote Assistance" into the Utilities folder or just right click it and "remove it" (this does not delete the program itself) from the start menu if we never use that feature of Windows XP. No sense having it there if we never use it right? We might want to either "remove" Windows Media Player (since it automatically opens when we click on an associated media file) or move it to "Utilities". Or we could make a folder (if you're a big multimedia fan) called "Multimedia" and drag Media Player into it. The key is to set your start menu up for the way you use your computer. Don't be afraid to experiment with new folders and dragging and dropping programs folders into them. You can move them around and setup your start menu to fit the way you use your computer! That's it! Thanks for sticking with us! Keep in mind you'll have to do this with your "username" folder too. This was meant to give you some ideas. If your done reading and looking at the picture then click here to close this window! Don't forget to make our Start Page your Start Page too. I would help us a great deal! Thanks!


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