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Tinkerbell and Peter Pan - What's In Your Walrus?
Tinkerbell, that chimerical little flutterbee from the famous Peter Pan story, always conjures up images of pancakes in my mind. I have no idea why. I recall being a child and eating pancakes when the flutterbee fluttered by. Whatever - I never watch Peter Pan anymore so my desire for pancakes has exponentially declined since that memorable day when I sat in my little jammies (with the feet in them) watching Peter Pan and Tinkerbell parading around in tights on my little, round TV screen. I think it must have been the Pavlov's dog syndrome that made me associate pancakes with Tinkerbell and Peter Pan. Ring a bell?
Well, the world has changed much since then. Now we are all ensconced in this network we call the Internet and little, round TVs are a thing of the past. And so are "Fizzies" (I used to like the cherry ones). At least we didn't start off with little, round monitors, thank goodness.  What ever became of Mister Green Jeans and Marcus Welby, MD?
We are all haunted by images of the past, aren't we. Those who are sick only know they are sick because they know they aren't well. They are haunted by memories of feeling well.  Those of us stuck in the rain are reminded how wet  and miserable we are by the haunting memories of sunshine, and so forth :-). Depressed? Ah, well then, you remember all too well those fond memories of happiness. If you had never been happy at some point in your life then you wouldn't know you were sad. Would you? A haunting thought, isn't it? Memories - those shadows of the past which encroach on today and stretch endlessly into our tomorrows. Some are good and some are bad - unless you believe in Barbara Streisand - "What's too painful to remember, we simply choose to forget - But it's the laughter, we will remember, whenever we remember - The Way We Were".  The good news is - if you live long enough you won't remember anything- then you'll be truly happy. The bad news is - most of us won't live that long - so we're stuck with Tinkerbell and Peter Pan.
Digressing -  NeverNever Land will never, never be the same. All I can imagine now when I hear about NeverNever land is Michael Jackson in some substance-induced, alcoholic stupor- messing around with little kids in his 'playroom'. That about ruined Peter Pan for me. First it was the odd cravings for pancakes and then Michael Jackson. I don't think I'll ever watch or read Peter Pan again.  I would rather eat pancakes preserved with BHT (added to packaging) with imitation blueberry pieces and high-fructose-corn-syrup-filled artificially flavored, imitation maple syrup, than watch the Michael Jackson Circus. Wouldn't you?
America - the NeverNever Land where justice is decided not on the quality of evidence but on the quantity of money in the defendant's walrus.
What's in your walrus, O.J. ?
I am he as you are he and we are all together, huh?

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