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Organize Your Email!

You can make any message go to any folder you want automatically. Here's how you do it.
Right click on "INBOX" (You can also  right-click on "Local  Folders" but this will create the new folders
below everything else). Choose "New Folder" from the dialog window which appears:

figure 1

Now, you can give your new folder a name. We've chosen "Newsletters" (You can store Information Avenue here too :) ).

clip2.jpg (20878 bytes)

Now you have to select a message from a sender who's email you want to always go directly to this folder (and not to your default Inbox)

clip3a.jpg (69921 bytes)

Now you have to tell Outlook Express what rule to create (it's easy!):

Where the "from line contains people" (i.e. email address).

Move it to the "specified folder" (click on the underlined word "specified")

And click on your new "Newsletters" folder (if you just created it it should already be highlighted).

clip4a.jpg (65334 bytes)

You're almost done. It doesn't take long!

Clip5.jpg (48907 bytes)

If you like you can give your rule a new name (Newsletter Rule for example). Click OK and you'll get a confirming dialog box that will tell you your rule was successfully created. Now whenever mail arives from the individual or organization you specified above it will always go to the folder you created. If later on, you no longer want to use this rule you can remove it. You can create rules for all of your friends, relatives, children, even "junk" mail you don't want to have to look at until later.

Once you see how easy it is to create message rules you'll want to do it all the time to keep your Inbox clear and all your messages organized. You can create rules by name or email address, subject, etc. You can organize your mail quickly and easily just by creating "Message Rules" in Outlook Express.

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