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How to add Music or Background sounds to your Email - Page 1


Did you know with Outlook Express you can add your own music or sounds to any html formatted email?  Just follow these simple steps!

NOTE: Keep in mind that you should keep music files (mid/wav) as small as possible, since they are being sent through email. If the files are too large, it can tie up the mail of the person you are sending it to, as well as your own! We recommend keeping sound files under 50kb. This means that sending sounds such as MP3 are not a good choice as they are usually large files at least 1 MB (1024kb) in size. Some mail servers have limits on the size of an email, so sending large files may not even reach their destination!

Step 1:  Begin as you would with any new message.  Now click "Format."   This is an interactive guide, so go ahead and actually click "Format" in the picture below.

 Click on the word "Format" to get to the next step.