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How To Copy And Paste

Welcome to our visual tutorial on how to copy and paste. Copy and paste is one the most basic features of Windows and one of the most misunderstood. Once you learn how to do it, they'll seldom be day that you won't use it for something. So....Let's get started!

First select the text you want to copy by placing your cursor at the beginning of the block of text you wish to copy. Now, hold down the left mouse button and drag your mouse to the end of the text you wish to copy, making sure you don't let go of the left mouse button until your done selecting the text. If you're mouse-impaired :-) you can triple left click on the paragraph to select it. How? Place your mouse cursor directly in the middle of the paragraph, and triple-click rapidly using your left-mouse button.

Look out below! See? We have selected a paragraph. This is an interactive tutorial folks, you'll have to click on picture below to go on to the next step!

slide1.jpg (25703 bytes)

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