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Add a "Find Message" Button to your Outlook Express Toolbar

You were scheduled for a meeting next Thursday. The boss sent you an email last week to remind you and you forgot to answer her. Now her email is buried in your newer email and you need to find that letter before you risk demotion or worse! What can you do? Add a "Find Button" to your toolbar and find that message!

01.gif (272 bytes)You can easily find your bosses' email among among all those love letters :-) and other eamils! And keep your job! When you find it, don't forget to answer it!

check.gif (894 bytes)Step One: Right click on an empty part of your Outlook Express toolbar.

fig11.gif (22245 bytes)

check.gif (894 bytes)Step Two: Choose "Customize"

fig11.gif (22245 bytes)

check.gif (894 bytes)Step Three:: Highlight the "Find" Button and Click Add. Note the "Move Up" and "Move Down" buttons on the right? You can use these to position your "Find" button wherever you like. Up being towards the left and down being towards the right. Now when you click your new "Find" button you'll be able find that email from your boss and see when the big, boring meeting is. You can search by "Person" or by subject, by word, or a group of words. Pretty simple, right? You can add as many buttons this way as you like. But only add the ones you'll use, otherwise things get too crowded and some of your buttons will be hidden and you'll have to click a drop-down arrow to see them.


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