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Left Clicking The Little "e"

At the very top left of your Internet Explorer browser there's a little icon. It looks like a small "e" on a piece of paper. That's what it looks like to us anyway. Anyway, did you ever wonder what it does? It really doesn't do too many things, but it does have a couple of important functions. And you may find they'll come in handy in certain situations. So, let's explore what the little "e" does!

The Little e and left clicking
Left clicking the "little e" will give you the option to minimize, maximize, or close the Internet Explorer Window. This might come in handy when you get one of those really annoying pop-up Windows where the tool bar is now showing and there is no apparent way to close the Window. Our you might just think it's a cool way to maximum the Window, minimize the window, or close the window. One thing for sure, you can show your friends this tip and most likely they'll not have even noticed the little "e". You think?





Right Clicking The Little "e"
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Right-Clicking the "little e" gives you the option of closing Internet Explorer or making the Web page your viewing available "offline". What does it mean to make the Web page available offline? Back a few years ago, some people had to pay for their Internet service by the hour. It could get very expensive. Making a Web page allowed those with limited connections the ability to make the page available without being connected to the Internet. Basically the Web page and all its content (graphics, scripts, images, etc.) are saved to a folder on your hard drive and you could then, without an Internet connection view the page in all its glory. If the page on the Web had changed in the meantime, you would not, of course, see those changes. But, today, almost everyone in the U.S.A. has unlimited Internet and the "Make Page Available Offline" feature is not used very much. However, people in countries other than the United States may still have limited Internet hours available and for them this feature can come in handy. Anyway, now you now about "offline browsing" and what the little "e" can do :-)

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