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Changing The Way You Outlook
Express Messages Are stored

With Outlook Express 6 you can easily change where your Outlook Express store folder (where Outlook Express stores your messages) is located.

There are several reasons why you might want to do this:

  • You want a more convenient location that Outlook Expres' default

  • You have 2 hard drives and would like to keep your message store on a larger drive and free up space on your smaller drive.

  • You have 1 hard drive with 2 or more partitions and want to move your messages to a different partition than the partition on which Windows is installed (recommended).

Many of you may want to move your store folder so it's in a more convenient location than the Outlook Express default. We suggest that you create a folder called Outlook Express and move your store folder there. Then you have easy access to it to back it up to writable CD. If you have 2 hard drives or more than one partition on your hard drive, it is very advisable to keep your message store away from the drive on which Windows is installed. If you should have to format your hard drive and reinstall Windows,  your store folder will remain intact and you can import all your email back into Outlook Express after you've finished reinstalling Windows and Outlook Express.

Before we get started moving the Store Folder, to simplify things, let's make a folder which will be the location of our new Store Folder. Click on "My Computer" (or click Windows Key+E) and

Let's begin by moving our Message Store to a different folder:

Open Outlook Express, click on Tools, Options, then click the "Maintenance" tab at the top of the dialog window. After you've opened the maintenance dialog Window click on the Store Folder button:

Click for a larger view

Click on the picture to see
a larger view.


When you click the "Store Folder" button you'll see this dialog box appear:
(We've already moved ours to an easier to find location.)

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You can type in an folder location in the form above or click Change to browse to a an empty folder which you have created previously.

You will then need to shut down and restart Outlook Express before the Store Folder will be moved.

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