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Windows XP/2000 Services
You Can Turn Off

Services You Can Turn Off In Windows XP and/or Windows 2000

Services start with Windows and are programs much like other programs that start with Windows, like your anti-virus software, firewall, etc. Many services that run in the background you don't need and probably never will. They consume unnecessary resources too. You can turn services on or off by going to Control Panel / Performance & Maintenance / Administrative Tools/ Services...or in "Classic View" Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Services. Here are just a few you can most likely turn off without changing they way your computer functions at all.

Alerter - Notifies selected users and computers of administrative alerts. If your PC is a standard work-station you don't need this.

Distributed Link Tracking Client - If you're not connected to a Windows 2000 domain you can turn this off.

FTP Publishing Service - If you don't need your computer to act as an FTP can turn this off.

Indexing Service - If you don't use the Find File feature very often, you can turn it off. 

IIS Admin Service - Unless you're using your computer as a WWW server, you can turn this off.

IPSEC Policy Agent - This service is only needed if you want to establish a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection to your computer.

Messenger - Sends and receives messages transmitted by administrators or by the Alerter service. If you decided to turn off the Alerter service mentioned above, you can turn off Messenger as well. 

NetMeeting Remote Desktop Sharing - If you don't use NetMeeting you can disable this.

Remote Registry Service -  If you don't need to access and modify the registry remotely, you can turn it off. 

RunAs Service - If you don't run applications under an alias (as a different user), you can turn it off. 

Telephony - If you don't use your computer as a telephone (i.e. use telephony softtware) you can turn this off.

World Wide Web Publishing Service - Unless you're system needs to be a WWW server you can set this to manual or disable it.

Uniterruptible Power Supply -If you don't use battery backup power supply, you can turn this off.

MS Shadow Copy Provider -

Net Login - If your computer is not running on a domain you don't need this.

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