Are You Plagued With System Freezes, Programs Hanging, Blue Screens, Program Crashes?
Windows XP Home or Professional

Windows XP "Verifier"

If you're frequently getting programs that stop responding, blue screens, system freezes, or your computer seems be going in and out of a coma, you might want to check your drivers. Faulty device drivers can cause a plethora of computer problems. To check your device drivers do the following:

  • Click Start ---> Run and type in verifier
  • Keep the default of "Create Standard Settings"
  • Select the type of drivers you want to confirm
  • A list of drivers to be verified on the next boot will be shown.
  • Reboot
  • If your computer stops with a blue screen, you should get an error message with the problem driver
  • To turn off the Verifier, run verifier /reset

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