The Sleaziest Internet Advertising

Beware of these deceptive advertisements from InklineGlobal


PC Performance Wizard for February 11, 2008 (ready for download)
Click "Start" to tune up your PC.

This is another sleazy attempt to fool users. The date changes using a script and the "real"
advertisement even puts the current time in using a script. Sleaze by deception. Steer clear.


















Sure sure! These are animated gifs. Everyone sees the same thing. Everyone's computer is slow according to them. But this is outright deceitful. A Cray Super Computer would see the same thing as an old pre-Pentium PC, because these are not measuring anything - they are just fancy animations. You see what I see and we all see the same thing. Sleazy huh?












This is normally displayed as a popup- when you click "Check Now" it always tells you that your system security is poor
and that you privacy is in danger which of course goads people into clicking the "Continue" button scaring them into buying
the program. This is sleaze at its best.


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