Information Avenue Tutorial by Cloudeight

How to Change Sound Notification in Outlook Express Continued:

When you click the Browse button, the following window opens.  You can either choose a "wav" file from this folder or you can go to another folder on your hard drive and choose another wav file that you have saved. Be sure it is a small (less than 4 seconds long)  if you are going to choose one you have downloaded and saved, or you will hear a very long notification with each new mail!

In the sample below, we have chosen chimes.wav by clicking it once so that it highlights, then click OK.

You can test the sound you have chosen by clicking the "Preview" arrow below while a file choice is highlighted (see at the bottom, just above where it says Play Sound).

This concludes this tutorial. For a great place to download free wav sound files click here. Reminder! Choose small, short sounds for best results. To return to the beginning of this tutorial, click here.

choose from this list, or browse to a saved file on your hard drive.

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