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How to set Message Rule in Outlook Express:   Size Rule

Here is a summary of how to set the Message rule to delete a certain size email from your server.  You may want to print these instructions to help you set this rule in your mail program.

1. Open Outlook Express, click Tools, then Message Rules, then Mail

2. In the window that opens, Click NEW to set New Message Rule

3. Scroll down in the first section and put a check next to the line that says "Where the message size is more then size" then in the lower section of this window click "size"

4. A little window will popup; type in 138 or whatever size you want to set as the limit and click OK
(note if you make this number too small it may block email you want; so use good judgment here.)

5. Now scroll down in the second section of this window and check "Delete from Server"
(Note: If you want to be doubly sure that no important email is being deleted, you can check "Send to folder" and choose "Deleted Items" folder - or you can create a folder called "Suspicious Email" - or whatever you like - and send it there. Then check in that folder each day before deleting the mail. This way no important emails will be deleted accidentally without you knowing it.)

Your new message rule is all set. Click MOVE UP until the rule is at the very top of the list (if you have other rules set, you want this one to be first). Now click OK and the rule is set.

Remember, if someone wants to send you a file that is larger then the size you have set, you can go and turn the rule off so that you can receive it. Once you receive the expected file, remember to turn the rule back on!

To turn a rule on and off that you have already set, just click Tools, Message Rules, Mail, and then uncheck/check the little box next to the rule you want to turn on or off. You can give a name to each rule that you will recognize easily too!

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