How to read Email Headers

Information Avenue Tutorial - Reading Email Headers (Source Code)

Sometimes, when you receive a mysterious email, you'd really like to know what's in it, who it really came from, and more information about it. But, you don't want to expose yourself to spam trackers, viruses, worms, and other creepy stuff. In this tutorial, we're going to show you how to have your cake and eat it too, so to speak :) Using this method, you'll be able to safely read the entire headers (to find out who really sent the email to you) and also read the entire email text, all without opening the email itself. It's pretty cool follow along with our interactive tutorial, and you'll be an email sleuth in no time at all!

Open your Outlook Express e-Mail Program and then click on the letter that you want to check the source code of; it will highlight in blue. Now right mouse click  (See Step I Below).

When you see the dropdown menu appear, click where it says "Properties" (Step 2 Below)

This is a hands on tutorial, so go ahead and click "Properties" to get to the next step.


Click Properties to get to the next step in this tutorial.