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Resizing Pictures

This Cloudeight Information Avenue Tutorial is a "hands-on" guide on how to resize pictures to send in email. If you have windows XP, you can do it automatically in XP. Click here for the tutorial for Windows XP users.

To benefit the most people by this tutorial, we have chosen a free image viewer/editor called Irfanview. You can obtain this program free by clicking here. If you install it and leave the default settings, it will automatically open your "jpg" pictures.

STEP I: Open the picture you want to send by either double-clicking the picture, or by opening Irfanview and then click File, Open, and browse for your picture. Once your picture is opened, click Image, then Resize/Resample (or simply type Control + R).

This is a hands-on tutorial, so click Resize/Resample to get to the next step.

Click Resize/Resample to get to the next step


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