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Resizing Pictures

STEP III: Now you need to save your newly resized picture. Click File, Save As, and give the picture a name. Save it on your desktop, or in a folder that you can easily find. Note: If you save it in the same folder as the original picture, and give it the same name, it will copy over your original picture. If you want to keep your original, be sure to give it a different name if you save it in the same folder.

Now your picture is ready to send in a much smaller size! The picture we used in our example, was 234 kb, which is quite large to send in email. When we resized it, it was only 34 kb.

While we realize there are many variations to our tutorial, we used the easiest steps for the benefit of those that are not familiar with image editing. If you use another image editor, the technique will be about the same; we cannot provide technical support on all image editors though.

This concludes this tutorial.  Click here for a printer friendly text version of this tutorial.

Now wasn't that easy!

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