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Information Avenue Tutorial -  Making a Signature File in Outlook Express from HTML File

The following window will now appear.

Step 1:  Click New and you will see "Signature #1" appear in the box beside this. Click Rename if you want to give it a name such as My Signature, or Main Signature, or anything you want!

Step 2:  Where it says "Edit Signature" click "File" and browse to the html file you have created for a signature, or to a text file you have created for a signature. Please note: We cannot give a tutorial on how to make html, so you will have to be able to do this yourself.

Step 3: Click Browse so you can browse to the folder you have saved your html or text file in. We created a folder in My Documents called "Signatures" to make it easier to find the saved ones we make. 

This is a hands on tutorial, so go ahead and click OK to get to the next step of this tutorial.


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