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Information Avenue Tutorial -  Making a Signature File in Outlook Express from HTML File

When you doubleclick the file you want as your signature, or click Open, you will once again see the window below. You are now ready to use the signature. Just click Apply.

We covered how to actually use the signature in a prior tutorial; if you need to review that, click here.

Final Step: If you want this signature to show up whenever you send an email, click Default. You do not need to set a signature as your default though!

  • If you do not set a default, the only time a signature will show up in your mail is if you manually add it (we will show you on the next page of this tutorial).
  • If you choose a signature as Default, all mail you send will have the signature added automatically!  If you have several signatures, you can choose a different one when you are sending your mail (we will show you on the next page of this tutorial).

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