How to read Email Headers

Information Avenue Tutorial - Making a simple Text Signature File in Outlook Express

The following window will now appear.

Step 1:  Click New and you will see "Signature #1" appear in the box beside this. Click Rename if you want to give it a name such as My Signature, or Main Signature, or anything you want!

Step 2:  Where it says "Edit Signature" type whatever you want here. There is a size limit on the number of words you can put in your signature, but it is pretty big, so go for it! If your signature is too long, Outlook Express will warn you :)  Some of our signatures have over 100 words! 

Step 3: If you want your signature to show up whenever you send an email, click Default. You do not need to set a signature as your default though!

Step 4: Now click Apply and OK.


This is a hands on tutorial, so go ahead and click OK to get to the next step of this tutorial.

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