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CloudEight Stationery

February 25, 2002

In this issue:

* Thanks For Supporting CloudEight
* A New Collection of CloudEight Stationery
* More FREE CD Software
* CloudEight Easter Home Page
* Featured Site
* Information Avenue
* A Special Gift for You!

* Tips & Info -The Member's Section

Dear Friends,

To all those who made a donation, purchased a CloudEight CD, or ordered free CD-software, we really appreciate it. Thanks again to all of you who have helped us! We continue to ask for your help and support in order to improve our services and keep everything on CloudEight free forever!

Thanks For Supporting CloudEight

There are many ways you can support us!. We continue to add more features to CloudEight and more free downloads. Our goal is to offer you the very best free things on the Internet and provide you with an easy-to-access, always available, family-friendly site. We have many wonderful new things planned for you this year! So, if you would like to support our efforts, here are some ways you can do it!

Our CloudEight PLUS! CD-ROM:
You'll get $60.00 worth of free, fully-registered software, including a personal screen saver maker, a greeting-card creator, and desktop manager, PLUS! over 1500 of your CloudEight Favorites all included on our PLUS! CD.  Our PLUS! CD is great deal for you and helps support our site! Please click here for more information!

Get FREE CD Software!
We're now offering you two great places to get free CD Software! Regardless of which one you choose, whenever you order a free CD you'll be helping CloudEight. This is not a gimmick. You get great software on CD free! You pay only a small shipping/handling charge.
Get Free CD Software from Unbeatable Deals
Get Free CD Software from Free CD Software

Make A Small Donation
Small donations really help! We use your donations to improve our Web services and to purchase new software that helps us create even more free things for you!  If you'd like to make a small donation please click here.

Sign up your friends for CloudEight Stationery News!
It's fast and easy-to-do. Just send a email to friends@thundercloud.net and tell us your friend's first name and email address. We'll add them! It's easy! Help us grow by clicking here and subscribing a friend to CloudEight Stationery News.

A New Collection of CloudEight Stationery

It is our great pleasure to present to you a World Class artist of superb reputation. Some of his works are displayed in the Smithsonian Institution. He has been commissioned by the Franklin Mint, and has won many awards and received many honors. Our newest collection entitled "Fur and Feathers" features the award-winning art of Mr. Larry Chandler. You can preview and download our newest collection: "Fur and Feathers: The Art of Larry Chandler" by clicking here. And don't forget to visit Mr. Chandler's online gallery and sign his brand new guest book too! Your support of the artist's we feature is greatly appreciated!

CloudEight's Easter Home Page

Did you know that CloudEight offers over 70 great selections for Easter? Easter will be here soon, what what better time to make a trip to our Easter home page. From there you can download all our great Easter creations! Click here to visit CloudEight's Easter Home Page. More great Easter selections  are available to you from our Member's pages!


Plus Get 2 Free Bonuses worth over $50

Get OfficeReady Professional with over 550 templates for Word, 220+ templates for Excel and 250+ templates for PowerPoint.Use these professional, time-saving templates (real estate, greeting cards, certificates, business forms, brochures, newsletters (and many more)to present a professional image to both business and personal associates. Now, just $29.95 - a 60% discount and get 2 free bonuses: A collection of over 75 Fax Cover Sheets and the Ultimate Financial Calculator.CloudEight Exclusive Click here: http://www.templatezone.com/offers/orpro_CloudEight.htm

Download a free sampler version of High Impact eMail for Outlook and Outlook Express Please click here!

This Week's Featured Site!

Sometimes finding those rare invaluable resources on the Web is worth its weight in gold. Our friend Ivan has such a site called "Tudogs". This site is real treasure of software, information, and more. You'll find it fascinating and worthwhile! You'll definitely want to add it to your favorites! You can visit Ivan's Tudogs site by clicking here.

Information Avenue

Our Windows, Outlook Express, and Internet Explorer tips and tricks newsletter " Information Avenue". Is a huge success! Thank you very much for helping us reach over 10,000 subscribers already! Id you're not familiar with our newest publication "Information Avenue" it's newsletter that will help to make you an expert with Outlook Express, Internet Explorer and Windows (emphasis on Windows XP). Regardless of your level of computer experience, all of our tips and tricks are easy-to-understand and use. So even if you're brand new you'll be able to learn quickly!  If you'd like to receive this informative and helpful CloudEight publication please click here to subscribe.

Member's Gift! A Cloudie St. Patrick's Day

Featuring the art of our friend and Official Illustrator, Dennis Cox, "A Cloudie St. Patrick's Day" is sure to make the upcoming holiday more special! This is a gift for our CloudEight Stationery Members and their guests and will not be released to the general public. To preview and download "A Cloudie St. Patrick's Day" featuring the art of Dennis Cox please click here. Don't forget to visit the online gallery of Dennis Cox and please sign his guest book too.

Tips and Info: The Member's Section

Many of you have written because you've lost the address to your Member's Pages.The address is http://thundercloud.net/giftlist/ . Why not go there now and add it to your favorites? The member's page address is   included with every newsletter we send and you're always welcome to create a desktop shortcut to the Member's pages by following the easy instructions found here under Tips and Info! Keep the address handy as it's not listed anywhere on our public Web site.

That wraps up this issue of CloudEight Stationery News! If you know of anyone who would like to receive this newsletter please forward it to them. Or you can add them to our mail list by clicking here.

Don't forget to recommend us to your friends by clicking here and sign our guest book too!

Thank you all for being members. We really appreciate your support!

Best wishes always,

Thundercloud & Eightball
CloudEight Stationery

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