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This privacy policy was last updated in March 2011 and covers among others the
following active Cloudeight-owned and operated Web sites: , , https://smileycons.com , , , , ,,,  and all Cloudeight Premium 3D Screen Savers.

Cloudeight Software Contains NO Spyware Or Adware. You Have Our Word On It!

Cloudeight Internet respects your privacy as well as your right to download software that is not adulterated with spyware or adware. You have our word that none of our software, freeware or shareware, contains any spyware or adware of any kind. We don't hide behind long, convoluted End User License Agreements (EULA) that are intentionally written to deceive you. Our license agreements are written in plain English without confusing language or euphemisms. We will never trick you or deceive you.

And, yes we know. There are spyware and adware companies distributing adware and spyware that claim they are not adware or spyware. They can say that because they define spyware and adware in terms that exclude their products. You shouldn't be fooled by that but many are.

We maintain a very strict policy against spyware and its cousin adware. We advise our subscribers and visitors to use at least two good anti-spyware programs and scan their computers regularly. We will never hide spyware or adware inside our programs (this is called bundling). We believe in you. We want you to believe in us. When you download anything from us you get exactly what you expected. You don't get dozens of other programs.

How We Are Supported Financially

We want you to know how our Web sites and free newsletters are supported financially. We don't (and never will)  hide spyware or adware in any of our downloads. We hate spyware and adware on our own personal computers and we know you feel the same.

Our site is supported financially by:

1. Sales of our Software programs which include CalendarPal, Smileycons, Zappit System Cleaner, Premium 3D Screen Savers and Email Guardian, our Picsures photo sharing service, and paid subscriptions to our InfoAve Premium Newsletter.

2. Affiliate marketing arrangements with top-quality software providers Emsisoft Antimalware/Antivirus and Reg Organizer,  whose products we have tested, used, and with whom we have entered into reseller or affiliation agreements.  These products meet our strict requirements for quality, privacy and good customer service. We also, from time-to-time,  may sell computer-related products from suppliers we have verified as reliable and dependable

3. Third party advertising appears on various pages on our Web site (NEVER in our software!).

4. When you search using the Google Search forms on our site we receive a few cents if you click any of the clearly marked advertisements which appear in your the search results. Google, unlike some other search engines, identifies advertisements clearly so you won't confuse relevant search results with advertisements.

We believe in your right to a safe and pleasant experience on our site and with our software. We don't like popups, popunders, and interstitials, and we know you don't either. We try hard to keep popups and popunders off our site, however, at times, in order to support our site financially, we may be forced to use popups, popunders, or other forms of advertising on our site. Our promise to you is that we will only use popups and popunders as a last resort. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES WE WILL EVER USE ANY KIND OF THIRD PARTY ADVERTISING IN OUR SOFTWARE. WE WILL NEVER INCLUDE ANY TYPE OF SEARCH ENGINE MANIPULATOR OR HIJACKER IN OUR SOFTWARE. WE WILL NEVER PUT ANY ADWARE, SPYWARE OR ANY OTHER TYPE OF REVENUE GENERATING SOFTWARE INSIDE ANY OF OUR CLOUDEIGHT SOFTWARE PRODUCTS.

Cloudeight Internet LLC Mail List(s) Privacy Policy - Newsletters

Cloudeight Mail List Privacy Policy:  Cloudeight values your privacy. We never sell, rent, or give, your name or email address to anyone. We never use your email address for anything other than to send our periodic newsletters to you. We send email newsletters only to those who have subscribed to one of our lists. Mail list subscribers cannot see, nor can they access the addresses or names of any other subscribers. All names and email addresses of all subscribers are held in the strictest confidentiality. Our Mail List host, uses secure Lyris mail server software. Your name and any information you submit to us in conjunction with subscribing to one or more of our newsletters is never shared with anyone for any reason. Your subscription to our list is important to us. If you feel our privacy policy does not address your concerns, please contact us.

We make it very easy for you to unsubscribe from any of our newsletters by providing a unsubscribe link in your welcome letter when you join, unsubscribe link on our Help page (Newsletters help) and an unsubscribe link in each newsletter.

We also use Feedburner (a division of Google) to distribute our Cloudeight InfoAve Daily newsletter. The content of our daily newsletter is provided to Google Feedburner every day via our Cloudeight InfoAve web site at   .

Cloudeight Internet LLC never sends unsolicited commercial email (spam)


Third Party Advertising Privacy Policy

Cloudeight Internet, LLC, stands firmly against adware or spyware in any form. None of our software contains any spyware or adware. In order to provide you with over 5500 free downloads, we use third-party advertising companies to serve ads on our Web sites but NEVER IN OUR SOFTWARE.

These ads provide a portion of the revenue required to operate and maintain our Web sites. These third-party advertising companies may separately place or recognize a cookie file on your browser in the course of delivering advertisements to our Web sites*. These companies may use information (not including your name, address email address or telephone number) about your visits to this and other Web sites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you. If you would like more information about this practice and to know your choices about not having this information used by these companies, please click the links below.

Cloudeight works with third parties that serve ads to this site. These ads are network ads; that is, these ads are served by ad networks that pay us for allowing them to use space on our site much as a television show sells "time" slots during their show. These ads support our site and provide essential income that allows us to remain viable and on the Web. Ad networks sell space to advertisers, we do not deal directly with these advertisers. We do not necessarily endorse, recommend, or advise the use of products advertised on our site by these ad networks anymore than your favorite TV show endorses, recommends, or advises the use of products or services advertised during your favorite TV show. Advertising keeps network TV free and advertising keeps our sites free.

We currently use network ads provided by Google. We might, from time to time, use advertisements provided by other networks.

As of 2017, the following ad network pays us for space on our sites in which to display network ads:

Google Adsense

To find out more about how Google manages the privacy of information in conjunction with serving advertisements on this site, please see: . Over 100% of the ads seen on our site are provided by Google Adsense.


Third-Party Advertisers' and Site Partners' Privacy Policies

When clicking any advertisement displayed by ad network, make sure you read the Privacy Policies of each ad network. Each ad network serving ads on any of our Web site have posted privacy policies which you should read if you have questions about the products or services you see advertised. Links to each network's privacy policies are listed on this page.

The products advertised by these networks are not necessarily endorsed or recommended by us and therefore we assume no responsibilty expressed or implied about the integrity, usefulness, or truthfulness of the advertising, products or services you see advertised on any of our sites.

We advise you to make sure you understand the implications of downloading any software program advertised on our sites OR ANYWHERE on the Internet - by reading the privacy policies, terms of service, terms of use, and end user license agreement (EULA) of each software program you are considering downloading BEFORE you download. It's a good practice and a good habit to get into.

Advertising Disclaimer

Cloudeight Internet LLC is not responsible for the content of any site linked to or from the Site when the link is to or from any site not under our control. Your linking to any other site, not under our control,  is entirely at your own risk. While Cloudeight Internet LLC. may provide links on this site to other sites, the inclusion of such links is for your convenience only and should not necessarily be interpreted as an endorsement of the owner/sponsor of the site or the content of the site or products advertised or offered on that site.  Cloudeight Internet LLC  disclaims all warranties, express and implied, as to the accuracy, validity, legality of any materials or information contained on any Web site not under our control.

While Cloudeight makes a substantial and focused effort to ensure that no objectionable advertisements appear on our site, we cannot control the actions of the ad networks themselves and therefore we cannot and will not be responsible for advertisements served by them on any of our Web sites. 


The following Web sites are under our control and we, therefore, are responsible for the content on the them. We do not control the content of any network advertising or links to other sites which appear on our Web sites.


We strongly encourage you to read any EULA (End User License Agreement) and Privacy Policy when clicking ads on our site, especially when considering offers, products, services or software from 3rd party ads from Google AdsenseWe do our best to monitor the third party advertisements and links which MAY appear on our Web sites. You are cautioned, however, that it is impossible for us to continually monitor them all. We URGE you, again, to read the privacy policy and EULA of any products you buy, download, or install no matter where you buy or download them from.

What we do recommend and endorse

We stand behind the products we (Cloudeight Internet LLC) advertise directly. These products are currently limited to the following:

CalendarPal (A Cloudeight Software Program)

Smileycons (A Cloudeight Software Program)

Email Backup Guardian ( A Cloudeight Software Program)

FolderMagic (A Cloudeight Software Program)

Zappit (A Cloudeight Software Program)

Cloudeight 3D Screen Savers (Cloudeight Software Programs)

Reg Organizer (A Cloudeight Endorsed Program - distributed by Chem Table)

Emsisoft (A Cloudeight Endorsed Security Program)


If the software product you see advertised on our site is not listed above it is not specifically endorsed or recommended by us. We do from time to time change the products we recommend. And we do from time to time find new retail products (non-software) which we find to be of high-quality that we sell to those who are interested. The products we sell are tested and used by us before we offer them for sale. In any case, all products, software or non-software which we sell, are covered by our unconditional money-back guarantee. You may return any item you buy from us for a full refund within 60 days of purchase.

What we do not recommend or endorse

Unless we say we endorse or recommend a product - or the product is one of our own software programs, we do not recommend or endorse it. Just because you see it advertised on our Web sites does not necessarily constitute a recommendation or endorsement by Cloudeight. We advise you to install and maintain a good anti-virus program and two or more good anti-spyware programs. There are many so-called "Free Sites" on the Web that make their money by tricking you into downloading their products by claiming they are not adware or spyware. Installing two or more good anti-spyware programs, keeping them updated, and scanning your computer for adware and spyware frequently, is good insurance against you being used as an advertising billboard or search engine shill for multi-million dollar companies who will use any method to get their software installed on your computer.

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