QuickNotes 97- SpookyStuff
"Second Thoughts"
Cloudeight Stationery - September 2006
Based on art by Lewis Barrett Lehrman

Thanks for choosing Cloudeight QuickNotes Halloween Stationery! 

This selection is available as part of the QuickNotes 97 "SpookyStuff" collection available free from the QuickNotes 97-SpookyStuff home page. This selection is based on art by Lewis Barrett Lehrman. Please show your appreciation for Mr. Lehrman's generosity by taking time to visit his online gallery and Web site!

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This QuickNotes selection is based on original art by Lewis Barrett Lehrman (copyright ©Lewis Barrett Lehrman) and is used with the artist's permission. This QuickNotes design is copyright ©2006 Cloudeight Internet/Cloudeight Stationery.