Cloudeight Stationery- QuickNotes 138 - Western Serenity - The art of Mark Keathley

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Welcome to the Cloudeight Home Page for QuickNotes 138 "Western Serenity" stationery collection for Outlook Express and Windows Mail. This collection features the fine art of contemporary artist Mark Keathley. We hope that you will all show your appreciation for Mark Keathley's talent and generosity by visiting his online gallery.

QuickNotes do not scroll nor do they play music. QuickNotes are stationery backgrounds you can use to decorate your emails quickly and easily. They're easy to use and quick to send - that's why we call them QuickNotes!

About our featured artist Mark Keathley
Mark Keathley " able to capture that perfect moment that you might experience on a hike through the mountains when a majestic elk came out for an unforgettable experience. Or a moment in time when the light, the water, and the gentle involvement of a man and his horse all came together in a masterful composition. He is able to blend bold strokes of color and fine detail to bring your focus in to the most important areas, and give you the feeling that you are there. And that is where he wants you to stay - not admiring his ability, but rather inspired to live...."

About this stationery collection:
Listed below are the titles of each of the eight selections in this collection. This QuickNotes collection, like all QuickNotes are not available as individual downloads. They're available only as full collection. The entire collection is less than 400KB which means it's very small. It shouldn't take longer than 2 or 3 minutes to download this collection even on dialup connections. Those of you on broadband can download this collection in less than ten seconds.

To see a full preview of each stationery design in this collection, simply click on its title. For your convenience and easy identification of this stationery all files have the prefix "qn138-western-serenity". We hope you enjoy our latest Cloudeight QuickNotes Stationery collection!

Vista users must download the QuickNotes stationery especially created for Windows Mail/Windows Vista.


QuickNotes 138 Western Serenity - The Art of Mark Keathley
A Cloudeight Stationery collection
Download QuickNotes 138 - Western Serenity.

Download QuickNotes 138 - Western Serenity.

This collection is also available as a Cloudeight Stationery collection with scrolling and music.
Visit this page to preview and download "Western Serenity" stationery collection.

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All stationery designs are copyright ©2009 by Cloudeight Internet LLC. All artwork used in the stationery designs featured in this collection is copyright ©Mark Keathley and used with written permission. Comments or questions? Please contact us.