QUICKNOTES 142  Haunted Studio IV - Cloudeight Stationery - Art by Lewis Barrett Lehrman


Safe & Fun For Halloween! Smileycons by Cloudeight!

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Welcome to Cloudeight Stationery's "QuickNotes 142 - Haunted Studio IV: Art by Lewis Barrett Lehrman" collection. All Quicknotes stationery selections in this collection are based on original art by Lewis Barrett Lehrman. Halloween lives in his scary paintings and spooky pictures, featuring forbidding Victorian mansions with secret hidden ghost images, chilling night paintings of haunted moonlit vistas, and scary images of fantastic happenings!. Please take a moment to visit Lewis Barrett Lehrman's "Haunted Studio"  online gallery by clicking here.

Listed below are the titles of each of the 8 selections in this collection. Quicknotes are only available as a full set download and each in this collection have the common prefix "qn142-haunted-studio4 for ease in finding them in your selections of stationery. Because of the very small file size (and fast download size) - this Quicknotes stationery collection, like all of our Quicknotes collections, is available only as a complete collection.

QUICKNOTES 142 - Haunted Studio IV

Cat Manor Dead Man's Point Final Guest Hauntley House
Spooky Sweets for the Sweet Tilted Angel Treehouse

This collection is also available as scrolling, musical stationery.
Visit our Halloween 15 - Haunted Studio IV home page to preview and download it.

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All stationery in this collection is copyright 2009 by Cloudeight Stationery. This stationery collection is based on art by Lewis Barrett Lehrman. Don't be afraid to visit Haunted Studio online gallery by clicking here.