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QuickNotes 145- Thankful - Thanksgiving QuickNotes Stationery

Happy Thanksgiving! Welcome to the home page for QuickNotes 145 - Thankful Thanksgiving QuickNotes stationery. We wish you and your family and friends the very best at Thanksgiving and always. You can see all of our other Thanksgiving stationery, QuickNotes, Funletters and other free things for Thanksgiving by visiting our Thanksgiving Home Page.

This version of our Thanksgiving stationery does not scroll or have music. Our QuickNotes stationery works in Windows XP and Windows Vista with Outlook Express, Outlook 2003 (and prior) and Windows Mail

Listed below are the titles of each of the eight selections in this QuickNotes collection. Due to today's fast connection speeds and very large hard drives, we are no longer offering individual selections. The entire collection is only a few hundred kilobytes - you can download it in just a few minutes on dialup or few seconds on broadband connections. A few hundred kilobytes takes a miniscule amount of your hard drive space.

To see a full preview of each QuickNotes design in this collection, simply click on its title. For your convenience and easy identification of this stationery all files have the prefix "qn-145-thankful". This collection is available for Outlook/Outlook Express, for Outlook Express only (advanced) and for Windows Mail on Windows Vista. If you're using Windows Mail on Vista, you must download the Windows Vista/Windows Mail version.

We hope that you enjoy this Cloudeight Stationery Thanksgiving collection.

QuickNotes 145 - Thankful
A Cloudeight QuickNotes Stationery Thanksgiving collection
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Leaves of Brown Leaves Autumn Road Pumpkin Greetings
Harvest Happy Thanksgiving Turkey Give Thanks

Download this QuickNotes collection for Outlook, Outlook Express and Windows Mail

Get this collection as scrolling, musical, Cloudeight Stationery

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