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Living Fireplace DVD + WinterHouse Screen Saver

Living Fireplace DVD

Like a window to another world, the Living Fireplace Volume 2 DVD transforms your TV into vibrant Yule Log fireplaces that crackle and pop! Set the mood and watch as it instantly enhances the ambience of any room decor. Ideal for everyday enjoyment or entertainment, Living Fireplace Volume 2 DVD adds a beautiful new dimension to your TV!

Your Living Fireplace DVD contains all of the following cozy scenes - with crackling fire soundscapes. Sure to warm up any room and make your holiday gatherings special!

Sample scenes from Living Fireplace DVD - all include fireplaces sounds of crackling, burning wood!


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Donate $20 or more and we'll send you the Living Fireplace DVD for your TV and our Cloudeight WinterHouse Screensaver (downloadable) for your computer!