Cloudeight 4GB MegaBoost USB flash drive - feed your need for speed!

Get our MegaBoost 4GB ReadyBoost Flash Drive
For just $69.95 + 99 cents shipping

Our Cloudeight 4GB MegaBoost Flash Drive includes full, licensed versions of:

  • Captain Optimizer
  • Registry Commander
  • SUPERAntiSpyware
  • Your Computer Won't Bite II EBook
  • All on a fast 4GB ReadyBoost USB Flash Drive you can use to INSTANTLY add up to 3GB of RAM to your Windows Vista or Windows 7 computer!

You can use the free space on this USB  to instantly add up to 3GB of RAM to your Windows Vista or Windows 7 computer (32bit or 64bit) using Windows ReadyBoost technology. This flash drive contains the following Cloudeight Endorsed and Recommended programs:

  • Registry Commander - Registry Optimizer/Cleaner by Softarama - and our new #1 choice for keeping your registry clean and optimized. We use it on all our computers and we highly recommend you use it too! A clean and optimized registry is the foundation of a fast, long-lasting Windows system.  Regular retail price: $49.95. Read our review.
  • Captain Optimizer - Captain Optimizer features over 20 tools that make it easy for you to adjust, tweak, and repair Windows and make your computer faster and last longer. Captain Optimizer was oneof our Software Picks of the Year..  Regular Retail price: $49.95. Read our review.
  • SUPERAntiSpyware Professional - What else can we say but this is the very best spyware/malware protection you can install on your computer. Easy to use and easy to configure, and very light on resources, SUPERAntiSpyware tops our list of the very best antispyware software you can buy. You can use your license on two computers - and protect them both. Regular retail price: $29.95
  • "Your Computer Won't Bite II" Ebook Our best selling ebook ever, "Your Computer Won't Bite II" is completely different from any other ebook we've ever written. It's a novella-sized ebook that contains a lot of information and a lot of good advice. . Regular retail price: $11.95

Get our MegaBoost 4GB ReadyBoost Flash Drive
Just $69.95 + 99 cents shipping