How to use your  E-Book

  • Download the file and SAVE to your Desktop or a folder where you can find it easily. You do not have to install the file, just download it!  (When the download window opens, choose "Save").

  • Now click the file; if you downloaded it to your desktop, the icon will look like this:  

  • Your ebook will open and ready to view!

  • Below is an explanation of some of the options you can use with ebook.

  • Top Menu: You can access most of the button commands from the very top menu. NOTE! BOOKMARK in the top menu is where you click to ADD a Bookmark!  You can name your bookmark anything you want so you will be able to find what you bookmarked easier.


    • BACK and FORWARD BUTTONS: You can use the back and forward buttons to go to pages you have viewed during an open ebook session. You cannot jump forward or back until you have actually viewed some pages, just like in a browser.
    • HOME: This will bring you back to the Introduction
    • PRINT: Print the page you are viewing
    • TEXT SIZE: Use to make your text smaller or larger. There are two ways to do this. 1)To change text size just click the button; each click will resize larger to smaller.  2)To change it smaller or larger, click the arrow next to the Text Size button and a drop down menu will appear with the sizes you can view in. It also changes the text size in your browser, so change it back either here or in your browser. 
    • FULL SCREEN: Resizes the entire ebook to fill your screen; click it again to return to the size you had.
    • CONTENTS: When using "search" feature, click it twice to return the screen to show folders (Table of Contents)
    • BOOKMARKS: Use this button to view any of the bookmarks you have created. To create a bookmark, click Bookmark in the file menu (not the bookmark button). Bookmarks will remain when you close your ebook if you are reading your ebook from your hard drive. If you reboot or clear your cache you will lose your bookmarks, depending on your computer settings
    • EXIT: Use this button to close your ebook (or you can click the x in the upper right hand corner).


    • Type in key word(s) for your search, then click GO. You may want to use less words in your search if nothing comes up. Once the results come up, you will see your search words appear next to the word "go".  If you click the words, it will find the exact place on the document you are viewing where your word appears.




    Click here to close this window