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Everyday, new freeware will be added to this page via RSS feed from If you're interested in freeware, check this page frequently. But wait...before you go off and download software from this page, please understand this: We are not recommending anything you see here, we may or may not have tried this software and we are not endorsing it in anyway. That being said, if you're careful, and do your research, you might find some great freeware (no adware/spyware). But remember, we don't endorse anything appearing on this page and we don't necessarily recommend anything on this page. Consider it a source of information about new freeware programs - and not as any sort of Cloudeight recommendations. No guarantees! Use the resources the Web provides and check any software you are interested in by doing a search.

 , 2014
Here's our listing of software, updated daily, as provided by SnapFiles

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