Congratulations to Shelley W.!
Shelley is our October 2007 Grand Prize Winner!

Posted October 1, 2007 - 7:00 AM Eastern Time

Congratulations - Shelley W. - You're our Grand Prize Winner for September 2007!

Our monthly grand prize winner for October is Shelley W. Shelley has been notified by email. If you are Shelley W. and have not receive our email, please make sure your ISP is not censoring/filtering your email!

In our trivia contest we randomly select one winner from all correct entries received every day. The person chosen is entered in both our weekly contests for a DVD movie of their choice (weekly prize) and our monthly grand prize drawing for a portable or home DVD player (winner's choice). So, if your daily entry is selected you're automatically entered into both contests. Congratulations to Shelley and thanks to all of you for making our daily trivia game a success!

Our November 2007 contest is now underway! Each correct entry we receive each day will be automatically entered into both our weekly grand prize drawing and our monthly grand prize drawing. And each week we'll select one entry from all correct entries received for the week and the person chosen will win a DVD Movie of their choice. On December 1, 2007, we will randomly choose a lucky winner from all correct entries received in June and that person will receive a portable or home DVD player (winner's choice) or a copy of Microsoft Windows Vista Basic Upgrade DVD! So, keep playing. The more you play the better your odds will be of winning the weekly and/or grand prizes!

Keep playing trivia! We have some special prizes coming in December, you won't want to miss your chance at winning!

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