Cloudeight Trivia

Monday, March 14, 2011

Betty was the winner on Tuesday, March 8, 2011.

Monday March 7, 2011
The daily winner was Janice M.

Answer #1
Under the Hernando De Soto Bridge in Memphis is this river.
 What is the Mississippi river?

Answer #2
Beneath the Bay Bridge in Maryland: this bay.  What is the Chesapeake Bay?

Answer #3
Beneath the Vasco da Gama Bridge in Lisbon: this river
. What is the Tagus river?

Tuesday March 8, 2011
he daily winner was Betty O.

Answer #1
It's called the "Smallest State" for a reason.
 What is Rhode Island?

Answer #2
It's called "The Buckeye State".  What is Ohio?

Answer #3
Arbor Day likely helped it become "the Tree Planters State"
. What is Nebraska?

Wednesday March 9, 2011
The daily winner was Tina M.

Answer #1
This magazine's institute and seal of approval date back to 1909.
 What is "Good Housekeeping"?

Answer #2
This type of law exempts from legal liability those who give reasonable aid to strangers in grave physical distress. What is Good Smaritan?  

Answer #3
FDR's First Inaugural gave this nickname to his policy towards Latin America
. What is good neighbor?

Thursday March 10, 2011
The daily winner was Pete J.

Answer #1
A banana seat is something you would most likely find on one of these.
 What is a bicycle?

Answer #2
This fruit company pleaded guilty to paying off terrorist groups in Colombia via its subsidiary, Banadex. What is Chaquita?

Answer #3
This author introduced the Glass family in his 1948 short story "A Perfect Day for Bananafish".  Who was J. D. Salinger?

Friday March 11, 2011
The daily winner was Sandy F.

Answer #1
Wearing no. 5, he's famous for a doctrine. Who was Monroe?

Answer #2
Was engaged only once, to Ann Coleman, but broke it off. Who was Buchanan?

Answer #3
The oldest to be inaugurated. Who was Reagan?

Weekend March 12 and 13, 2011
The weekend winner was Jenny D.

Answer #1
In Romania they say "da", in Japan, "hai", & in Panama, this.
 What is si?

Answer #2
It's the rhyming name of the Chinese equivalent of ravioli. What is won ton?

Answer #3
On TV, this actor played a father who knew best & the kindly Dr. Marcus Welby. Who was Robert Young?

Answer #4
The marquee ingredient in this soup comes from a type of swallow. What is bird's nest soup?

Answer #5
Islands, from smallest in area to largest: Greenland, Cuba, Madagascar. What is: Cuba, Madagascar, Greenland.

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