What's That?

This is "What's That?" based on a painting by Mia Lane. Cloudeight Internet Designs has used "What's That?" with Mia Lane's permission as part of their "Man's Best Friend" collection. Please visit Mia Lane's virtual gallery www.mialane.on.ca "What's that in the ripple?"

"'What's that in the ripple?' This curious Golden Retriever must investigate! The dog is normally engaged in continuous running, jumping, fetching and playing while exploring his natural surroundings. "The abstract shape of the water puddles, the unusual angle of the dog, the colour, balance and design of the piece, as well as the subject," Mia explained, "were the inspirations for me to paint this scene."


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Stationery creation copyright Cloudeight; based on a painting by artist Mia Lane, called "What's That in the Ripple"  and used with her permission. For more information on Mia Lane see her biography.