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The Griselda Collection is available in both standard and advanced installation versions. If you are new to our stationery, please click here for information on Advanced versus Standard version.  Remember, if you use this stationery correctly it will have preset margins and text colors!

Please click here to download the standard version of "Griselda"
(Outlook and Outlook Express Users)

Please click here to download the advanced version of "Griselda"
(Outlook Express Users Only!)

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We cannot stress strongly enough to our new users that you should visit our help page before downloading any of our stationery. You'll save yourself a lot of time by taking just a minute and glancing at the simple instructions for using our stationery. To visit our help page without leaving this page click here


Take a visit to Griselda's and Bjorn's websites while your files are downloading!  Sign their guest books and tell them Cloudeight sent you!

Visit Griselda's site by clicking here.
Visit Bjorn Lynne's site here.

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This stationery is for Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express running on Windows  only. Griselda Tello's artwork is copyright 1996-2001 by Griselda Tello and is used by special arrangement.
Bjorn Lynne's midis are copyright 1996-2001 by Bjorn Lynne and are used by special arrangement.
All stationery in this collection is copyright 2000-2001 by CloudEight Stationery.