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HotMail Setup

The following instructions are provided for AOL users and others who have Internet Explorer on their computers and would like to use our stationery. Once you have the Hotmail account set up, Go to to see how to use the stationery.

Ok let's get started. Click here if you already have a hotmail account and you want to set that up in your Outlook Express.   If you want to see pictures to guide you through the entire process, Click here!

The following explains how to get your free Hotmail Account!

Outlook Express 6.0 users: If you are using new Internet Explorer/Outlook Express 6.0, you will have to go to Hotmail and obtain a free email account,  and then click Here to set it up in your Outlook Express.

Outlook Express 5 users:

1.  First you need to open your Outlook Express 5 mail program and click on 'tools' from the top toolbar and click new account signup "hotmail" (see picture here

2.  Next you will be presented with a welcome screen (picture here) asking you if you would like to set up a Hotmail account. Click "next" to continue.

3.  The signup screen is next and it's self-explanatory.  Here's a picture of the primary signup dialog window. The Wizard continues to walk you through the signup process. The next screen you will see is this one asking you for some addtional information (click here to see this picture).

4.  You're almost done now...just a couple more things to do. Hotmail gives you the option of allowing your email address to be pubished in its directory listings or keeping it off the listings (recommended). One way to get lots of spam is to allow your Hotmail listing to be pubished. If you like tons of garbage mail select "Yes", if not choose "No". See the graphic here.

That's all there is to it . You will see your Hotmail account appear in the left panel of Outlook Express. Click on the Hotmail folder (when you're online) and it will tell you that you have not set up any folders, and ask if you would like to do that now. Say yes, and Outlook Express will add "Inbox" "Outbox" "Sent" and "Deleted" folders to your MSN Hotmail. You can check your hotmail as you would with any other mail account. You can set it to check periodically or only when you want to.

For your convenience, we have made a page with pictures to guide you through each of the three steps. 

Note:  Yahoo mail can be set up to send and receive in your Outlook Express also; refer to your Yahoo mail account for more information on this.

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Already have an existing Hotmail Account? You can add that to your Outlook Express. These instructions were obtained from the Hotmail Help page.

To set up your Hotmail account in Outlook Express

To set up your Hotmail account in Outlook Express, you'll need to use Outlook Express version 5.5 or later.

  1. In Outlook Express, click Accounts on the Tools menu.
  2. In the Internet Accounts dialog box, click Add, and then click Mail.
  3. On the first page of the Internet Connection Wizard, type your full name, and then click Next.
  4. On the Internet E-mail Address page, type your full Hotmail address (
  5. On the E-mail Server Name page, click HTTP in the My incoming mail server is box.

    In the box My HTTP service provider is, click Hotmail or Other.

    If the box Incoming mail server is displayed, type (this is probably already showing up so you don't need to type it)

  6. On the Internet Mail Logon page, type your account name and password in the respective boxes. Your account name is the first half of your MSN Hotmail e-mail address (the information before the @ sign).
  7. Click Finish to add your Hotmail account to Outlook Express.

If the above is not working for you, it means you have an older version of Outlook Expess. Follow these instructions below:

In your Outlook Express mailing program, press on "tools" in the tool bar.
Go to "Accounts"
A window will pop the right you will see a button that says "Add" press this and a sub-menu will show and select "mail"

Now, where it prompts you, fill in your name (this is what receivers of your e-mail will see in the "from" line) then press "Next".

Now, the next window will have 2 choices. You want the selection that says "I already have an email address I'd like to use", and there is a space to fill in that e-mail address. This is where you fill in your Hotmail address. Make sure that you include the part of the address. Press "next".

The next page will have all information filled out. Server will be a HTTP and provider will be Hotmail.......Do not change anything in this window, press "next"

On this page fill out your password where it says to. The name of the account should already be filled's just the name of the hotmail address. Click on Next and you are all finished.

If you want to change the name that shows up in your folders, go to "tools" ; "accounts"; highlight the new account and press properties. Type in whichever name you would like.