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Thanks for visiting our Impressions Collection home page. "Impressions" represents our 25th collection of stationery for Outlook Express. We're very pleased that so many of you have downloaded and use our stationery. We've been visited by people from over 100 countries on six continents and thanks to all of you our growth has been phenomenal. We want to thank you sincerely for visiting us today.

 As always, we encourage you to visit our help page if you're not sure how to use our stationery. It will save you a lot frustration and get you up and running quickly and easily. You can download the entire collection (regular or advanced installation) by clicking on the links below. The individual stationery designs can be downloaded from the preview pages.

                   The Impressions Collection by CloudEight Stationery (common prefix "im")
Cabin in the Woods Indian Ride Mountain Thoughts
Companions Ladies & The Fish Pretty Mood
Dog and Clown Little Girl Thinking Remembering
Harbor Lost Love  The Boys

Download the "Impressions Collection" Regular Installation
For Outlook or Outlook Express

Download the "Impressions Collection" Advanced Installation
For Outlook Express Only

So much more for members. Best of all it's free to join!

Click here for info on the advanced collection which creates a separate directory and folder for each collection.  You must be using Outlook Express to use the Advanced Option.

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All stationery designs copyright �1999-2003 by CloudEight Stationery (all rights reserved)
Compatible with Outlook and Outlook Express with Win95/NT/98/2000/Me/XP