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Welcome to Wilife II featuring Wildlife artists Peter R. Gerber & Linda Rossin

Welcome to the "WildLife II" stationery collection.

This wonderful collection of stationery features artwork by two talented Wildlife Artists.  We hope you will take a visit to their online studios to see some of their other paintings and to thank them for sharing their beauty with us!

Peter R. Gerbert is an award-winning Wildlife Artist with a passion for portraying the Earth's wild beauty with sensitive, lifelike detail. He is presently working with the Florida Wildlife Federation on various projects to help benefit the organization's conservation efforts. He is actively involved with many art galleries and wildlife theme parks throughout Florida. Please take a visit to his online art studio!

Linda Rossin offers a variety of paintings including Wildlife, Waterfowl, Birds and Mammals. We are sure you will enjoy the selections she has shared with us!  The logo, above, was based on one of Linda Rossin's original paintings.You can view more of Linda's art at or .

Listed below are the titles of all the stationery included in CloudEight's "WildLife II" collection. Click on the title to see a preview; you can download the single selection from its preview page.

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The logo design for Wildlife II was created by CloudEight and was based on an image by �Linda Rossin, entitled "Eagle" All Stationery designs in this collection are copyright by CloudEight Stationery. Stationery designs in this collection were based on paintings by Peter R. Gerbert  and Linda Rossin. These paintings  are copyright by their respective owner. These paintings are used by CloudEight by special arrangement with the artists. All content is copyright �1999-2003 by Cloudeight Internet (all rights reserved). Cloudeight Stationery is compatible with Outlook and Outlook Expres running on Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP.