Floral Trees
From "Of Trees and Butterflies"
Based on Art by June Doughty-Stapleton
Music composed by Don Gilman
A Cloudeight Stationery Design
February 2004

Thanks for previewing this selection from "Of Trees and Butterflies: The Art of June Doughty-Stapleton". Please support the artists who have shared their talents with us all. Stop by June Doughty-Stapleton's online gallery and show your appreciation for her talent and generosity.

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This design is copyright (c)2004 by Cloudeight Stationery/Cloudeight Internet. Based on art by June Doughty-Stapleton (c)June Doughty-Stapleton. Artwork is used with permission. Music composed and sequenced by Don Gilman (c)Don Gilman. Music used with permission.