Cloudeight Stationery Newsletter -  April 20, 2011
Happy Easter!

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This Sunday is Easter. We want to wish you and your family a very happy Easter. We also want to remind you that we have two new Easter collections you can use in Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird and IncrediMail.

If you need help using our stationery in Windows Live Mail or Thunderbird see these help pages:

Get help using our stationery in Windows Live Mail here.

Get help using our stationery in Thunderbird here.

Cloudeight offers the largest selection of email stationery on the Web. We support more email programs than any other stationery site - and we will continue to expand our selections of stationery in the coming weeks.

Your stationery members' home page is here.

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All In One Pen, Flash Drive, Flashlight and laser pointerNEW! All-In-One Ballpoint Pen, 2GB USB Flash Drive, LED flashlight, and laser pointer

Our newest feature item on our Donation Station! You donations help us maintain our Web sites and our small company.

A new item is available from our Donation Station - and this is a really handy gadget. Most of us carry a pen with us wherever we go - but what if you could carry a pen, a 2GB USB flash drive, a super-bright LED flashlight and a laser pointer - all in one? The ballpoint pen has a large supply of crisp black ink; you can store thousands of your favorite files on the hidden 2GB high-speed, USB flash drive; use the built-in LED flash light to illuminate those dark places; make a point with the built-in laser pointer. All in one stylish ballpoint pen.

You'll want one of these All-In-One pens for yourself - but they also make great gifts for graduation, Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthdays or any occasion too.

We have a limited supply of these all-in-one pens and they're going fast. So get yours right now! Get more information from this page.

Our newest stationery collections for Easter 2011

This year we've released two new stationery collections which can be used in the following email programs:

  • Outlook Express
  • Windows Mail
  • Windows Live Mail
  • Thunderbird
  • IncrediMail

Easter is coming in just a few days and now is a great time to send your friends and family good wishes for the upcoming Easter weekend. There is no faster or easier way to send your special wishes than by sending a special email using Cloudeight stationery.

Out two newest Easter stationery collections for 2011 are: Easter Presence and Easter Joy.

Our Easter Presence stationery collection has a Christian theme and features art by Danny Hahlbohm. You can preview and download our Easter Presence stationery from our Easter Presence collection home page.

Our Easter Joy stationery collection is light-hearted and fun Easter collection we're sure you'll enjoy. You can preview and download our Easter Joy stationery from our Easter Joy collection home page.

Happy Easter!

2GB USB Wristband BraceletNew! 2GB USB Flash Drive Wristband/Bracelet

New from our Donation Station!

Wear your memory on your wrist. These bracelets are stylish and made of high quality silicone material. They look good and work great. Each bracelet hides a high-quality 2GB USB flash drive built into the bracelet. Take your favorite files with you - wherever you go. Makes a great gift too!

These bracelets look like the popular silicone bracelets you see so many wearing these days - but they're more than just good-looking, they're high-speed, top-quality 2GB USB flash drives that hold thousands of your favorite files.

We have a limited supply of these high-quality wristband/bracelet flash drives. The last time we had them we sold them out in a hurry. Keep your favorite files with you by wearing this stylish 2GB USB flash drive wristband/bracelet. These make great gifts too! Get more information here.

Cloudeight Easter Home Page

Did you know that we have over 20 collections of Easter Stationery available? We do and you can find them all on our Cloudeight Easter Home page!

Great Easter collections like:

Every one of our Easter treasures available from our Easter Home Page.

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Easter Acpressions

We're bringing back our Acpressions in a whole new way. Now you can share our Easter Acpressions on Facebook, Twitter, or by email. We've completely redone our Easter Acpressions for this Easter season. We'll be re-doing our other Acpressions in the near future.

We hope you will take this opportunity to share our Easter Acpressions with your friends - in a whole new way! Easter Acpressions are a great way to wish your friends and family a Happy Easter!

Share an Easter Acpression right now!

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We both want to thank you for your support and for subscribing to our Cloudeight Stationery newsletters. We'll be back in week or so with another new stationery collection - in the meantime visit our Easter Home Page for hundreds of great Easter stationery, QuickNotes and more!

Again we want to wish you and your family the very best at Eastertime and always.

Have a Blessed and Happy Easter!

Eightball & Thundercloud
Cloudeight Stationery
April 20, 2011

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