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"Equine: Wild & Free" Download Page

The "Equine" collection is available in either the "Advanced" or "Standard" format. Outlook  users must download the "Standard Version". The "Advanced" version is for Outlook Express users only. The Advanced  version creates a folder called "Equine" in the CloudEight folder in your default stationery directory. For more information on the "Advanced" version please click here.

If you're new to our stationery, we urge you to visit our help page before downloading. We want you to get the full enjoyment of using our stationery which can only be done by using it correctly. Please click here to visit our help page.

While downloading we hope you will take the opportunity to visit our sponsors who make these programs possible. Thanks!

Click here to download the standard version of  the "Equine" collection
For Outlook or Outlook Express

Click here to download the Advanced version of the "Equine" Collection
For Outlook Express Only

Click here for more information on the limited edition CloudEight  Library CD
Get the CloudEight Library on CD!

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All stationery designs in this collection are copyright 2000 by CloudEight Stationery.
Compatible with Outlook and Outlook Express