"Dream House"

This is "Dream House" from CloudEight Stationery's "The Art of Tom Sierak" collection. This stationery design is based on a painting by Tom Sierak entitled: "Building Her Dreamhouse". Tom Sierak has many wonderful paintings you can view at his online gallery. Please take this opportunity to visit his beautiful web site by clicking here.

“This little girl is in heaven as she patiently waits for her gramps to put the finishing
touches on her dreamhouse by completing her “baby’s” old fashioned rocking cradle”
(Tom Sierak)

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"Dream House" is based on a copyrighted painting by Tom Sierak entitled "Building Her Dreamhouse" and is used by permission of the artist. "Dream House" stationery design is copyright 2000 by CloudEight Stationery.