The Night the Barnowls Contemplated the Universe
Inner Voices:  The Art of Peter R. Gerbert
Cloudeight Stationery

"The intelligence of some animals and birds cannot only be measured, but cannot be fully comprehended by us humble human beings, if comprehended at all.  Dolphins have societies and wage wars, Elephants grieve for, and bury their own dead. What can be said about the Wise Old Owl?...

It is largely because of this wonderful species, that I came up with this idea for a series of paintings depicting "animal and bird thought." I have come in close contact with several species of wild Owls, and their stare is usually the same; it pierces the soul, it reaches my heart, and I know without a shadow of a doubt that these creatures have the ability to think, reason and learn.

Mankind likes to think that we are the only species that have wondered about the night sky, it's enormous depth, and the origins of Life.  Are we the only species that have wondered about this, really? I say, let your imaginations answer your questions for you."

-Peter R. Gerbert

Click Here to Download this Selection from Inner Voices: The Art of Peter R. Gerbert

Click here to download this selection from Inner Voices: The Art of Peter R. Gerbert.


This original, acrylic painting is currently available for sale. Completed in May 2000. The painting received the "Best of Show" award at the Silver Springs Wildlife Art Festival -May 2000.  Click HERE for more info!


Stationery is copyright (c)2001 by CloudEight Stationery. This stationery is based on a painting by Peter R. Gerbert. This painting is copyright (c)Peter R. Gerbert, and used with his written permission.