Brush With Nature
Inner Voices:  The Art of Peter R. Gerbert
Cloudeight Stationery

"As this graceful white Egret meanders through dense brush, it is caressed by a breeze carrying the scent of the ocean. It hears waves crashing against the beach in the distance. It finds much comfort here, in these familiar surroundings. When completely in tune with Nature, the feeling is of pure freedom..."


-Peter R. Gerbert

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Click Here to Download this Selection from Inner Voices: The Art of Peter R. Gerbert

Click here to download this selection from Inner Voices: The Art of Peter R. Gerbert.


Stationery is copyright (c)2001 by CloudEight Stationery. This stationery is based on a painting by Peter R. Gerbert. This painting is copyright (c)Peter R. Gerbert, and used with his written permission