Rainbow Makers
Inner Voices:  The Art of Peter R. Gerbert
Cloudeight Stationery

"The Blue Grosbeak, Scarlet Tanager and Yellow Warbler represent the three primary colors as the basis for this unique design.

A midsummer afternoon storm has just subsided; thunder still crackles far off in the distance. The forest has been drenched with rain; on its earthen floor large puddles reflect the beautiful, partly cloudy sky.

And in this quiet place where no man has yet set foot, a very surrealistic event has just occurred

Flying away from this puddle in unison, these three beautiful birds, perhaps chosen mysteriously by Mother Nature herself, have created this new rainbow with their wonderful trails of color."

Peter R. Gerbert

Click Here to Download this Selection from Inner Voices: The Art of Peter R. Gerbert

Click here to download this selection from Inner Voices: The Art of Peter R. Gerbert.

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Stationery is copyright (c)2001 by CloudEight Stationery. This stationery is based on a painting by Peter R. Gerbert. This painting is copyright (c)Peter R. Gerbert, and used with his written permission.