Time for Thanks
CloudEight Email Stationery, October 2001
"A Country Thanksgiving: The Art of John Zed King"
Original Art by John Zed King
Music composed by Bill Sandy

This stationery selection was made from a painting by John Zen King. Please take a visit to Mr. King's online gallery to view a variety of his world renown classic water color art.  John Zed King's original watercolor paintings and limited edition prints are available on-line too!

Stationery in this collection feature original midi compositions by Bill Sandy of Mystifying MusicPlease take a tour of his online studio to listen to a variety of music!  Mr. Sandy has cdrom's of his music available at his website.


Click here to install this selectionClick here to download and install this selection from "A Country Thanksgiving" email stationery collection. If you need help with auto installation, please review our "How to Download" page for quick and easy installation.



This stationery design is copyright 2001 by CloudEight Stationery. This design is based upon original art John Zed King (all rights reserved) and is used by special arrangement with the artist.    Musical midi selection used in this stationery is original composition by Cloudeight's Official Midi Composer, Bill Sandy, Mystifying Music, entitled "My Grandpa" from Cdrom "Goin' Country" available on his website.

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