Sister Secrets, CloudEight Stationery
"Seasons & 'Scapes" Collection
Featuring the Art of Gary Shepard
Midi music courtesy of Songs of Praise

Please visit Gary's online gallery and see all his wonderful paintings! Click here to visit Gary Shepard.

We'd also like to express our thanks to Songs of Praise for providing the background music for this CloudEight Stationery Design. Please visit Elton Smith and Songs of Praise by clicking here!

Click here to download this individual selectionPlease click the small image to download this selection from CloudEight's "Seasons & 'Scapes" Stationery Collection

This stationery design is copyright © 2001 by CloudEight Internet Designs/CloudEight Stationery. This stationery design is based on a painting by ©Gary Shepard entitled "Sister Secrets" and is used with permission. Midi music based on composition by ©Songs of Praise entitled "For Amy" and is used with permission.

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