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American Cowboy: Art by Kenneth Wyatt
Midi composition by Bjorn Lynne
Stationery creation by Cloudeight

You can visit Kenneth Wyatt's online gallery by clicking here! You can view his entire gallery and learn more about the artist!

Midi music is an original by Bjorn Lynne, and is used with permission. Please take a moment to visit Bjorn Lynne's online studios by clicking here.

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Click here to download this selection from American Cowboy Email Stationery Collection. All stationery in this collection have the common prefix "cowboy" for ease in location.

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All content is copyright ©2002 by Cloudeight Stationery. Stationery design based on original art by Kenneth Wyatt (copyright ©Kenneth Wyatt, all rights reserved) and are used by written permission of the artist. Midi composed by Bjorn Lynne (copyright ©Bjorn Lynne, all rights reserved).